Friday, January 15, 2010

PrizeLive Info

PrizeLive is a fun and great website for anyone that wants to make money from home. It doesn't take too much to make money and the best part about this site is that it is free and you can make money starting the first day. Here is some info on about the PrizeLive website..

PrizeLive started in May 1, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky. It contributes to all countries but most of their memberships come from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. So anybody can join!! You do have to be 18 years old or 13 years old with consent. PrizeLive is open to anyone in any country.

PrizeLive pay the members to complete surveys, trial, and freebie offers. The offers are easy to complete and gives a description in each offer. PrizeLive pay anywhere to $0.25 to $0.75 and trial offers pay $4 to $35. That is a lot of money.

PrizeLive also has something called Points and Game Credits. All the offers are either credited by Points or Game Credits. Points can be redeemed for cash and prizes like an Ipod, Xbox 360, or PS3!!

1.00 Point=$1.00

Game Credits are used for games to get more points!! Most offers come with points and GC..

Well that is a wrap up for info about PrizeLive

If you want to sign up, click on the banner or click here PrizeLive

If you have any questions when you sign up, just hit me up by sending me a message on PrizeLive and add me as a buddy. I can give you tips on offers and tell you which ones credited for me. That is over $100 worth of offers!!! I will post which ones to start off with first and how did it credited for me..Stay tuned!!

To send a message, just go to the links, I can show you where just take a look at this picture..

Click Here To Get Started With PrizeLive


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