Monday, December 28, 2009

Help With Offers??

Here are some tips I use on all of my daily click offers and survey offers:

Clear cookies before you start clicking on the daily click offers.

Click on at least two links on each daily click offer for guaranteed approval.

Leave daily click site open for about 10 seconds and go back to GPT site and hit Submit and then close the daily click offer site.

Once completed with all daily click offers and approval of all of them, clear your cookies.

Clearing Cookies

Don't know how to clear cookies, Download CCleaner, Free Download

Once downloaded, hit Run Cleaner

Run cleaner, every time you finish all of your daily click offers

TIP: Don't run CCleaner after submitting a survey offer because it will clear the cookie, and it won't be credited to your GPT account. Wait a little while and most of time it will credit within an hour if completed properly.


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